Enjoy this Festive Season without the Side of Guilt


It’s that time of year again! The temperature is rising, the free dates in your calendar are a thing of the past and there is a distinct sound of Christmas carols in the air. The festive season is a season overflowing with Christmas parties, celebratory lunches, Christmas day food-comas and New Years day hangovers. It can feel like a never ending stream of champagne, carbohydrates and sugary desserts. However, with the right strategies in place, you don’t have to compromise on your health this season.

Here are some tips to help keep your health on track -

1. Don’t let your exercise slip

Maintaining your exercise regime during the silly season will not only help you to burn excess fat, but will also assist in regulating your blood glucose levels and encouraging muscle growth. Maintaining a healthy muscle mass is important as it helps you to burn a greater amount of energy.

2. Defend against cravings

Eating sugary foods fuels the desire for more sugary foods due to the spike and drop in blood glucose caused by carbohydrates like sugar. Overtime, insulin resistance can also occur. Luckily, there are a number of natural tools to help curb cravings and promote effective glucose metabolism. Cinnamon is heralded for its ability to improve the cells response to glucose, while chromium can reduce cravings for carbohydrates.

Your naturopath can recommend the most suitable combination of herbs and nutrients to help reduce your cravings and improve your energy metabolism this Christmas.

3. Maintain your health goals while still attending the work Christmas party

  • Don’t turn up at a party with an empty stomach. How can you expect to resist those arancini balls when your stomach has taken over your ability for rational thought? Drink plenty of water and snack on complex carbohydrates, good fats (think avocado, nuts and seeds), and protein before you leave.

  • Load up your plate with anything green!

  • Stick to clean spirits and avoid sweet mixers. Steer clear of wines and beers as they are loaded with sugar.

  • Avoid a nasty hangover by drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage, and sip slowly.

  • Last but not least, don’t deprive yourself. Have the occasional treat but just don’t overdo it. The festive season is meant to be enjoyed after all.

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You can find this blog and more on Casey's website The Natural Path Health. Casey is a clinical naturopath and nutritionist and has been working at Barangaroo Pharmacy for three years. She writes content for her own wellness website as well as other health websites. She loves educating clients on health and natural alternatives, as well as encouraging her clients to lead their happiest, healthiest life. ​